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// Owner + Chief Creative Officer


Dawn Garcia is an LA born and bred Hispanic Latina, award-winning writer, screenwriter, and print editor. She has worked in various stages of production, written 4 feature films, created/co-created and written 4 TV series' (one for MGM Studios), has launched 7 successful lifestyle/culture magazines, and has published over 2500 articles. She is a mother, an activist, lover of life and has dedicated her career to championing equality, supporting women in the industry, and making sure diverse voices continue to be well-represented. Her new favorite thing is playing kickball in the West Hollywood Outloud Sports LGBTQ League.



We are looking for journalists, documentarians and storytellers with a clear voice. Please email us at the link below if interested in being a part of Se Lever, Rise Together Media and are passionate about our mission of inclusion and true representation.



Mathis has a long-standing, successful career as an investor, producer, and visionary. He served as VP of Investments at Biltmore Securities, Marketing Manager for Chicago's Goodman Theatre Company, was President of Rah!Rah! Productions for 9 years where he worked with artists such as The Isley Brothers, L.L.Cool J, and other prominent recording artists. He was Regional Director for Houlihan Smith & Company, an investment banking firm in Chicago. He co-founded and is CEO of Mathis & Morris Productions, Inc. of Los Angeles. They have produced "Grad Night", "Shattered", "Four Square Miles to Glory", and "Game Day". Presently he is producing the feature film, "My Divorce", "Bodyguard of Lies", an animated feature, "The Adventures of Akbar and Birbal", and is in pre-production for "My Friend My Hero". He recently formed Unified Entertainment Group, LLC which will focus on television and feature films. His passion to mentor, invest, and partner with those who foster and implement a vision of unity is visible in all he does.



CCNow collaborates with journalists and newsrooms to produce more informed and urgent climate stories, to make climate a part of every beat in the newsroom — from politics and weather to business and culture — and to drive a public conversation that creates an engaged public. Mindful of the media’s responsibility to inform the public and hold power to account, we advise newsrooms, share best practices, and provide reporting resources that help journalists ground their coverage in science while producing stories that resonate with audiences. Co-founded by the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation in association with The Guardian and WNYC in 2019, CCNow’s 460-plus partners include some of the biggest names in news, and some of the smallest, because this story needs everyone.

// WRITER //


Victoria is a student and an Environmental Policy major at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. Originally from Westford, Massachusetts, she discovered her passion for environmental causes through her engagement in local composting initiatives. Her hope is to edit, share, and amplify stories and experiences of women involved in work that promotes social justice, both in environmental capacities and beyond Victoria loves a good hike and one day wants to live on a farm surrounded by animals.

// Writer //


Lauren is a writer, producer and director who has worked for such notable networks as NBC, CBS, A&E and AMC. Her articles on feminism, environmental causes and social justice are frequently featured on CNBC’s digital platform. Driven by a passion for politics and human rights, she actively contributes content to many political organizations and campaigns. A native New Yorker, Lauren loves telling a good story, thrives on social activism and can't resist playing with any dog she meets.

// Writer //


Brian Wallinger had his first foray in theater acting in ‘A Christmas Carol’. A well-respected cinephile, Brian has seen more than five thousand films and has published reviews on many of them. He is an award-winning filmmaker, and also works as an actor, producer, director and cinematographer. Known for his art-house films, "Bleeding Solar", "Lysergic Lullaby". as a social activist, he is committed to causes that support liberal politics, the environment, and the LGBTQ community. In his private time, Wallinger enjoys hiking, kayaking, photography and jamming with friends.

// healthcare specialist //


Joyce Griggs is a knowledgeable healthcare consumer. Her life and career have been intertwined with the Healthcare System since the 1990s. Joyce's work has spanned from voluntary health organizations like the American Diabetes Association to becoming an advertising executive and consultant for the pharmaceutical industry. She has gained a variety of unique insights on healthcare professionals and institutions over the course of her career. She has had the privilege of engaging with some of the leading scientific minds across a broad spectrum of categories including vaccines, oncology, mental health, and rare diseases.