Rise = to move upward; to increase in quantity or number

What's In A Name?

This magazine began years ago as Sheville Magazine with a vision to support women and the LGBTQ community in Asheville, North Carolina. It now operates out of Los Angeles, California under it’s new name, Se Lever Magazine — and that mission continues. Se lever means “to rise” in French. France, in the 1920s, was profoundly instrumental in liberating women and the LGBTQ community from societal oppression. In many ways, France gave us the fuel to continue the fight for our right to vote, be seen as equals, and have autonomy over our own bodies.  Fast forward a hundred+ years, women, BIPOC, LatinX and LGBTQ are the largest consumer decision-makers in the world, yet we are still fighting for true visibility. We aim to amplify our voices everywhere, collectively. Every age, every sexual and gender orientation, every race and socio-economic status.  The entirety of our vision for this magazine is simple:

Together, we change the tide. 

We are open to creative cooperation + collaboration

Se Lever is part of Rise Together Media, which also represents our sister magazine, ATOD Magazine. With all of varying outlets, collaboration with like-minded companies, products, brands, and people matters more than ever. We’d love to work with you

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